Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is getting a significant amount of positive press these days. It is being recognized as a tool to help leaders at all levels increase their influence and effectiveness in an organization.

This can be done though achieving clarity of purpose, increasing focus and removing obstacles that can get the way of achieving desired outcomes. It will help leaders grow in their careers.

I provide executive coaching services to Senior Leaders, Middle Management Leaders and Emerging Talent. To help you understand my approach to executive coaching, here are some critical questions we address during coaching sessions.

Executive Coaching Questions

  1. What outcomes do you want to achieve through your work and in your career?
  2. What obstacles exist to achieving those outcomes?
  3. What leadership behaviors do you need to leverage for maximum impact and where do you need to develop?

Executive Coaching Framework

My approach involved following a process, which can be broken into 3 different phases:


Conduct or utilize pre-existing assessments to understand where you are as a leader. I will provide tools and will explore further through a process of asking questions.


We explore specific areas requiring your intervention. A wide variety of topics typically get discussed and lead to actions in many areas. For example

  • Holding crucial conversations with others to “get unstuck”, remove obstacles to achieving business outcomes, and address performance issues.
  • Creating experiences to leverage your strengths and achieve business goals.
  • Addressing specific developmental needs with targeted interventions. Sometimes a small intervention can make a big difference.
  • Taking actions to improve fundamental leadership skills: making an impact; prioritization; coaching others; communication; and making informed business decisions; and having a “next level” mindset.


Many leaders fail to fulfill their best intentions because of a lack of accountability or commitment to execution. Our conversations will be transparent, and I will hold you accountable to follow-through on your committed action plans.

Brendan’s counsel and encouragement has guided me through many challenging situations effectively and has helped elevate my influence among senior leaders.

Hiram Valencia

IT Head, Novartis AG

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